instant pot - AR

‘A Step-by-Step Instruction Guide for Complicated Home Appliance’
Augmented Reality, Unity, C# Programming, Vuforia Engine, Model Target Tracking, Animation, 3d Modeling, Git/Source Control, Remote Collaboration, Rhinoceros 3D
- Team of 3
- 4 weeks
The Instant Pot AR app focuses on providing the users a step-by-step instructions on how to cook with ‘Instant Pot’ through an interactive and immersive experience. Instant Pot is a combined pressure & slow cooker that is able to cook various types of dishes such as rice, soup, stew, porridge, yogurt, etc. Although this cooker can be extremely useful, it is, indeed, not a simple easy-to-use appliance that can be stressful. Through Augmented Reality, this AR app can help the user relieve this complex cooking instruction and process with a more exciting and engaging solutions.
Chosing Model Target  over Image Target for the stability.
We tested out both image target and model target. The image target was our initial use but proved to be a bit difficult to use because our models were fidgeting and not anchored. As result, Model target worked better - stable and anchored in place. We still have the model target manually being anchored once it’s placed - Done outside of Vuforia.
Image Target
Model Target
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