Learning Chinese- AR

An educational Chinese hieroglyph character simulator in AR space
Augmented Reality, Unity, C# Programming, Vuforia Engine, Image Target Tracking, Git/Source Control
- Individual Project
- 3 weeks
Chinese characters, also called Hanzi are complicated logograms system. Learning Chinese can be extremely difficult, however, it can be intuitive once you understand how each character was formed. To better assisting the education process, this project is developed to visualize the evolution from hieroglyph to the written form of Chinese.
// Steps of Learning
Let's use the Chinese character "家“ (Meaning 'Home') as an example: the word is a combination of "roof" and "pig", and below are the evolution of each element:
Step 1: Image scan to reveal 3D object
When a custom-made physical card of Chinese Characters is presented, a 3D object with its meaning appears above the card.
Image Tracking
Step 2: Virtual button control to display character evolution
Each card has a virtual button that can be pressed to display a series of Chinese character evolution since ancient times.
Step 3: Combine to uncover new character and meaning
Lastly, each character can interact with others to show the new character. When two cards are placed side by side, the app reveals the new character and meaning.
Move closer to show new meaning
// Full Demo